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Patient Testimonials


"Dr B…… You’re the best!!! I have looked at the gap in my front teeth since I was a kid and I hardly recognize how great my smile looks now. Not only did I graduate college this year (on the deans list) but all the hard work paid off and I was able to get veneers on my front teeth with my new job. I am so happy that you helped me look that way I always thought I would. I’m a patient for life!! " 

- Catherine B.

“I have had a lot of gum treatment in my life, starting at a young age. Julie, the dental hygienist, was outstanding. She has a very gently touch that made it easy to be here.  Now I won’t be afraid to come in more often!” 

- Benjamin T.

“Thanks Dr B & Dr Moore for making my dental appointment so easy. Who knew having fillings and my wisdom teeth taken out in the same day would have been as easy as it was. Your staff was so kind to my husband, who waited the whole time for me. I appreciate all of you so much!!” 

- Grace L.

"I was so nervous when I found out I was going to lose a front tooth and would need a dental implant. To my surprise, it was such an easy experience! Dr Basawaraj and Dr Sinn made it simple, I had no pain at all, and no one can tell it’s not my own tooth!" 

- Mr. Smith

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